Be ready for whatever may come.

CyberDefender is a managed detection and response service for cyber incidents


As organizations increasingly deploy and rely on advanced digital technologies, new cyber security challenges have emerged that many organizations are struggling to address. Leverage the expertise of our subject matter experts who will ensure the security of your business. CyberDefender provides, through the use of world-class tools, managed monitoring, threat detection and response, and vulnerability management, all within a single service.

With complete risk and threat coverage, your organization can rest assured that with CyberDefender you are always ready for whatever is to come.

Cyber360’s SOC experts cover the entire attack area – identifying threats early in the attack chain and leading an in-depth response to eliminate threats.

Biggest cyber security challenges:

Today, corporate infrastructure is becoming more and more complex, mobile devices, servers, workstations, and often a cloud environment mean that the requirements for protection against cyber attacks are becoming critical for many organizations.

Securing infrastructure

Growing cyber threats have created a demand for cyber security specialists, not all organizations can afford to hire a team of employees with such knowledge and practical experience.

Shortage of Personnel

The rapid shift to hybrid and remote working has created a number of new security vulnerabilities, resulting in a significant increase in cyber attacks and higher financial risks for companies. Today we can say that it used to be safe but not any longer.

Growing number of attacks

Ransomware remains a major cybersecurity threat for many organizations, as criminals continue to expand their capabilities and develop more sophisticated ways to penetrate systems and networks.

Growing risk of Ransomware

Organizations that fail to meet their customers' data privacy expectations risk financial loss, reputational damage and even business closure.

Privacy of Sensitive Data

New regulations, requirements from insurance companies, market regulators make it necessary today to ensure compliance with a number of standards including NIS2, ISO 27001, KSC, among others.

Compliance with standards

Our CyberDefender service enables organizations to outsource their cyber security needs and entrust it to a trusted team of experts.

Let CyberDefender make it easier to face the latest threats alone. Discover our specialized security service that reduces the burden on your IT team and increases your organization’s cyber resilience. CyberDefender is much more than a SOC service.

CyberDefender is a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service

All organizations need the ability to detect and contain threats. But for all but the largest enterprises, the personnel and infrastructure costs of running a Security Operations Center (SOC) are simply too high. Even companies with extensive internal resources may lack the knowledge and visibility to adequately defend against the latest threats.


Managed Detection and Response (MDR)  is a service designed to address these challenges by providing the people, processes and technology required to strengthen an organization’s security posture and reduce exposure to risk. That’s what our  CyberDefender service is.

  • Broad insight into threats

    With state-of-the-art tools in place, CyberDefender provides broad threat insights across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use best-in-class tools to provide a holistic approach to cyber security.

  • Continuous attack detection

    As the threat landscape continues to evolve, it is important that detection capabilities keep up with attackers. CyberDefender uses the latest security tools and threat analysis to make sure your organization is prepared to respond to current and emerging cyber threats.

  • Relieves pressure on internal IT teams

    CyberDefender Security Operations Center experts manage and monitor all security technologies included in CyberDefender. By investigating and evaluating all generated alerts, our analysts make sure that your internal IT team is not burdened with the responsibility for 24/7 threat detection.

  • Immediate response to threats

    Rapid response to cyber incidents requires a high level of situational awareness. Thanks to the tools used within CyberDefender, we have guarantees that the response to a suspicious event will be immediate, our goal is to recognize the attack already at the reconnaissance stage.

  • Securing multiple system platforms

    As part of the CyberDefender service, we secure multiple operating system platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, IOS, ChromeOS. The scope of our service also includes cloud solutions.

  • Integrated incident response

    To facilitate future incident response, the Cyber360 team "surveys" your organization's cyber tightness, provides practical guidance on security improvement measures and preparation for future incidents.

  • Facilitates compliance with standards

    With CyberDefender, you can quickly elevate your organization's cybersecurity capabilities to the level needed to meet the requirements of GDPR, NIS, ISO 27001 and SOC2, and more.

  • Fully turnkey

    The CyberDefender service is a comprehensive approach to your organization's cyber security. We provide all the necessary tools, training and activities needed to build your cyber resilience.

  • Get the service up and running quickly

    We have designed the CyberDefender service in such a way that it is very easy to get started. The time it takes us to roll out basic care for your organization is about 5 days.

  • No access to customer data

    Our analysts and the tools used in the CyberDefender service work on metadata, we do not have access to your data or document content at any time.

How our service works

CyberDefender service consists of four steps:

  • Telemetry data is collected from your networks, computers, servers , mobile devices and cloud environments, analyzed using the latest machine learning and behavioral detection mechanisms, and then enriched with the latest threat information.

  • All the data is correlated and then grouped by common attributes to create "cases" – providing a more complete overview of security events. We look for anomalies in the collected data.

  • If suspicious activities are discovered, the prepared machines respond immediately and the case is taken up by Cyber360 Security Operations Center experts. If it is necessary to support the client's IT team then we immediately communicate with them, providing recommendations for further action.

  • After our SOC team performs the actions, we provide the customer with recommendations for countermeasures to improve the security level of the organization.

A turnkey solution for threat detection and eradication

CyberDefender provides everything your organization needs for detection and response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our specialized and experienced team of security analysts and engineers work as a virtual extension of your IT team to ensure your organization is always aware of security incidents.

An independent approach to technology selection means that CyberDefender includes tools that ensures the delivery of the best security results for your organization.
The tool suite in CyberDefender is XDR as well as SIEM and SOAR.

We make sure that the CyberDefender service is constantly optimized and developed to identify new types of attacks and prepare new mechanisms to combat them.
An important component of CyberDefender is the Analysis of your organization's cyber threats.

One of the key elements of the toolkit are traps (Honeypot, Deception) for cyber criminals. Within CyberDefender, we use 4 types of traps, including a unique trap dedicated to defense against ransomware. This allows us to build a multi-layered defense against this type of threat.

To gain deeper threat visibility and improve decision-making, CyberDefender supports the integration of network and endpoint telemetry and cloud resources with a wide range of external sources (there are 40 today). Our goal is to identify threats at the initial stage of an attack.

To facilitate incident response, our SOC team provides guidance on actions hardening your organization's protection. We advise your team on how to organize and configure your IT infrastructure.

There is no good cyber security service without training. As part of the service, we provide high-quality training combined with phishing campaigns. We organize such campaigns for clients as a minimum of 2 times a year. Trainings are organized on e-learning platforms and end with a test.

With a streamlined deployment process, CyberDefender can protect your organization in a matter of days and is easily scaled according to future operational needs. Our team responsible for onboarding of the new customers to the case will guide you through the entire process of launching the service.

The unique capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), for example, deep learning, benefit cybersecurity immensely by being able to analyze and mitigate large sets of potentially malicious data providing recommendations for future threats. We also use AI to support our work.

combines the best
machine intelligence and human
knowledge to quickly identify
threats and respond to them,
24 hours a day,
7 days a week

High-fidelity telemetry for threat awareness and decision advantage

To identify attacks, it’s important not only to use the best detection tools, but also to make sure they are receiving the right data about security related events. Cyber360 experts integrate the most valuable security telemetry into the technology stack, benchmarking it against platforms such as MITRE ATT&CK to minimize visibility blind spots.

Security incident data alone is not enough – a deep level of threat analysis is required to enrich it. CyberDefender uses the latest offensive security insights and threat analysis from our team of experts to help improve real-time detection of the latest adversary tactics and techniques.

Search for known and unknown threats at the earliest stages of an attack

Our proactive, data-driven approach to threats detection means that our security team doesn’t wait for alerts. Using a combination of manual and machine-assisted techniques, we constantly look for indicators that could signal the presence of unknown threats. This includes relying on threat information from more than 40 sources.

Security results needed for rapid response

Knowing that a threat exists on your network is not enough. It is important to react before it reaches its goal. The CyberDefender team analyzes and segregates all incoming security alerts, and once a true incident is identified, provides actionable responses regarding incident mitigation and incident response actions that your organization needs to respond quickly and effectively. Central to our service is taking immediate incident response.

Comprehensive threat management, security analysis and response

CyberDefender is a threat management platform based on top tools from global manufacturers.

In the service, we use tools to secure computers, servers, mobile devices and cloud environments. We currently use the XDR tool which is in the TOP 4 in global cyber security. The service environment is complemented by a SIEM tool with SOAR module enriched with about 40 sources of threat information.

Supported platforms:

  1. Windows 7 to the latest
  2. Linux (64 bit)
  3. MacOS

Mobile systems:

  1. Chrome OS
  2. Android
  3. iOS

Why Cyber360

Leading company in Europe for MDR services

Rated 10/10 for overall customer satisfaction

Result-oriented approach

Simple financial model

Comprehensive approach to clients' cyber security

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an advanced security solution that combines threat detection, response and remediation into a single solution to help organizations proactively find, investigate, respond to and remediate threats around the clock. MDR is much more than an SOC.

An effective MDR solution brings together the people, processes and technology required to deliver actionable insights and analysis, and enables organizations to significantly strengthen their security posture. It provides greater incident awareness and faster and more reliable decision-making. A good MDR solution uses a structured approach that should include processing, analysis, investigation and response. In our service we use tools such as XDR, SIEM, SOAR.

An effective MDR service combines many key elements of security. It is defined by aspects such as actual cyber intelligence, high-quality detection and response tools (XDR, SOAR), and experienced Security Operations Center ( SOC ) experts who can act as an extension of your organization’s team. Other key elements of a high-quality MDR service should include integration of network and endpoint telemetry from a wide range of log sources, scenario-based testing to simulate potential attacks, and integrated incident response.

A good MDR service offers organizations many benefits. By providing a fully turnkey approach, MDR helps reduce maturity time and quickly elevates security capabilities to a high level. A good MDR solution will also provide a broad view of threats in local, cloud and hybrid environments. By enabling continuous attack detection around the clock and significantly reducing false alarms, it reduces the burden on the internal security team. If and when real incidents occur, your team should be provided with practical mitigation guidance and the automated response actions needed to take effective action. Additionally, a good MDR service should provide the necessary training for your organization.

An effective MDR provider should be able to demonstrate that it has broad capabilities to provide security in breadth and depth. They should be able to monitor telemetry and alerts across your infrastructure by monitoring networks, endpoints and cloud environments, and be able to offer proactive threat hunting tailored to your organization’s risk profile. The MDR provider should also be able to go further than simple containment, discovering the root cause and removing the threat. All this should be supported by an adversary-oriented approach.

MDR is much more affordable than the equivalent cost of setting up an in-house SOC. Because it eliminates the need to recruit a team of security specialists, deploy and manage a wide range of technologies, and conduct 24/7 monitoring activities, MDR offers organizations significant financial savings. The cost of an annual MDR subscription will be determined by aspects such as the number of endpoints monitored.

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