Who we are

We are here to protect your organization against cyber threats

We believe that companies and organizations deserve to have their infrastructure protected against cyber threats. That’s why we have built a team of cybersecurity experts who are ready to secure your organization and provide help in crisis situations.

Our team consists of passionate and innovative security analysts, programmers and experts who do everything to ensure that nothing could surprise our clients.

We provide the peace of mind and sense of security that our Partners value. Thanks to us they can focus their attention on key business issues.

Our vision

Our vision is for our clients to consciously deal with and prevent the threat of cyber attacks. After all, effective defenses can only be built when our resources contribute to proactive cybersecurity. That is why we attach great importance to raising awareness of cybersecurity. The vision is to create a Cyber Security ecosystem locally in Poland that operates globally.

Our mission

We are here to prepare Customer’s organization for an attack. Our mission is to increase their cybersecurity, provide affordable cyber security solutions and create the conditions to invest in cyber prevention instead of investing in damage control.

Our Values

When you partner with us, you can count on:

  • Loyalty
    Loyalty is at the core of our values. Loyalty to our customers. Loyalty to our employees.
  • Privacy/Discretion
    We are committed to maintaining privacy and discretion with our customers and employees. Building trusted relationships with our customers, partners and employees and a sense of community in all that we do is key.
  • Investing in prevention
    Investing in prevention and awareness of cyber threats is the cornerstone of our work with customers.
  • Preventing leaks
    We are committed to offering our customers a high-quality experience, using tools that are not compromised as part of our service.

Certifications and compliance

Industrial security certificate SBPNG027119S/SBPKG027019T issued by the Internal Security Agency to the SECRET level


We have a NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) supplier code

nr. 3171H

Security certificate issued for Cyber360 to the NATO SECRET level


Our employees have personal security certificates up to the Secret and NATO secret levels


Our CyberDefender service complies with the guidelines of the NIS 2 directive and meets its requirements for protection, monitoring and incident response


Our CyberDefender service complies with SOC 2 standard guidelines


Our processes comply with the ISO 27001 standard

ISO 27001

Our CyberDefender service complies with GDPR guidelines for the protection of personal data. The software used in our service allows us to meet GDPR guidelines.



Zbigniew Kniżewski


Co-founder of the company. Subject matter expert in security and cybersecurity with 20 years of professional experience

Dawid Maciejewski

Vice-president of the board

Legal adviser – co-owner. Expert on compliance policy and GDPR issues – from a cybersecurity perspective.

Cezary Dzieniszewski

CTO/SOC Manager

Former Navy officer with 25 years of experience in cyber operations. Since leaving the service, he has worked in the cyber security domain. Currently, at Cyber360 he is responsible for the functioning of the SOC and acquiring new technologies in the field of cybersecurity.

Marek Jabłonka

Director of the defense area

He is a former Polish Armed Forces officer with 20 years of experience in the communications area. At Cyber360, he is responsible for the Defense area, particularly ILS.


+48 58 380 01 10

Office of the company
ul. Uphagena 27,
80-237 Gdańsk, Poland

Wrocław branch
ul. Księcia Witolda 43,
50-202 Wrocław, Poland



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