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The Cyber360 website service uses cookie files, i.e. information data stored by the server on the User’s terminal device, which can be read by the server each time the User connects to that terminal device. Cyber360 sp. z o.o. may use other technologies that are similar or the same as cookies files. For the purposes of the Cyber360 sp. z o.o. Cookie Policy, the information regarding cookies also applies to other similar technologies used on Cyber360 sp. z o.o. websites. Cookies usually store information about their original domain name, the time of storage on the terminal device and a unique number. Cookies files may be placed on the User’s terminal device and further used by third party providers of traffic and activity monitoring tools with whom Cyber360 has contracted the project.

Cookies are used by most well-developed websites to improve the quality of the website, including in particular the ability:

  • to create traffic view statistics in relation to specific content,
  • to personalize of the services provided through the website,
  • to conduct sessions,
  • to authenticate website users,
  • to supply personalized commercials for to the Users.

The websites of the Cyber360 sp.z o.o. use the following types of cookies:

  • “strictly necessary” cookies, enabling the use of services available on the website, e.g. session,
  • “functional” cookies, enabling the remembering of the settings selected by the User and personalization of the User’s interface, e.g. in the scope of the selected mobile/classic version, the last search entered by the User, the graphic presentation of the website, the section mechanism, etc.,
  • “analytical” cookies, enabling monitoring of the Users’ activity on the website service.

Cookies are not used to process or store personal data, they cannot be used to directly identify the User, they do not change the configuration of the browser or the terminal telecommunications device.

Users can freely choose the conditions for the use of cookies and can disable them at any time in the browser settings or service configuration. This may lead to the absence or incorrect display of most websites. In some cases, it is possible to adjust the service settings in such a way that the User is asked each time to accept cookies. As a result, the User can control the cookies, but the browser may run slower.

To manage cookies, you must select one of the following browsers and follow the instructions:

  • Internet Explorer,
  • Firefox,
  • Chrome,
  • Opera,

Mobile devices:

  • Android,
  • Windows Phone,
  • iPhone,

If the settings concerning cookies are not changed, cookie files are placed on the User’s terminal device, while Cyber360 sp. z o.o. stores information in the User’s terminal device and has access to it.


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