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Protect your business against cyberattack.

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We fight cybercrime to stop counterattacks on your organization.

Let us solve your cybersecurity problems. As one of the leading cybersecurity companies, we can help you meet your security challenges, regardless of the scale of your business.

Do you want to effectively protect your company and data against ransomware, malware, zero day, phishing and other cyberattacks?

Are you afraid of losing your company's reputation?

Do you want to avoid losing trust and losing customers?

Are you afraid that someone will encrypt your data and demand a high ransom?

Have you been hacked and don't know how to recover your data?

We monitor your infrastructure based on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week model.

We prevent and detect threats in your IT environment and reduce the risks associated with Software as a Service (SaaS) applications by using all the operational capabilities you need in one easy-to-use platform for comprehensive protection across your entire environment.

Telemetry data is collected from your networks, endpoints and cloud environments, analyzed using the latest machine learning and behavioral detection engines, and then enriched with the latest threat intelligence.

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Search for known and unknown threats at the earliest stages of an attack. We look for anomalies, we try to catch the cybercriminal when he conducts reconnaissance.

CyberDefender's proactive, data-driven approach to threat detection means our security team doesn't wait for alerts. Using a combination of manual and machine-assisted techniques, we are constantly looking for indicators that could signal the presence of unknown threats 24 hours a day, 7 day in week. Detections are correlated in the Security information and event management (SIEM) and then grouped by common attributes to create "cases" – providing a more complete overview of security events.

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Event-based response.
Knowing that a threat exists on your network is not enough. It is important to react before it reaches its goal.

Automatic response to incidents in real time.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) support, fully automating all required activities on both computers, servers and network devices to reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of the security team.

Clear countermeasure guidance and automated response actions are provided to quickly disrupt, contain and eliminate threats before they cause damage and disruption.

Our experts analyze and collate all incoming security alerts, and once a true incident is identified, it provides actionable incident mitigation and response guidance that your organization needs.

Security incident data alone is not enough – a deep level of threat analysis is required to enrich it. In the CyberDefender service, we leverage the latest offensive security insights and threat analysis from more than 40 sources from around the world to help improve real-time detection of the latest adversary tactics and techniques.

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Learn more about CyberDefender 24/7 services

CyberDefender is a customized Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service tailored to your needs and requirements, operating on a 24/7  model of managed detection and response to emerging cyber incidents.


Enterprise-class solutions based on top tools recommended, among others: by Gartner do not have to be expensive.

Thanks to our service, they are within your reach.

Discover our specialist security service that will reduce the burden on your IT department and increase your organization’s cyber resilience.

SOC Experts

CyberSec specialists
Security Analysts
Vulnerability management

Threats Analysis

Threat Intelligence
Users behavior analysis
Looking for anomalies

SOAR Response

Immediate response
Quick repair


Logs processing
40+ built-in data sources


Automatic response to threats
Network traffic analysis
Users behavior analysis

CyberDefender Services

enables our customers to improve their security and accelerate detection and response.


We monitor Cybersecurity

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What customers are saying about us?

What feedback do customers have about our service?
Our relationship with clients is based on complete discretion and trust.
Therefore, we only publish on our site the statements of customers who have given their consent.

We are very satisfied with the CyberDefender service.
The support we receive throughout the service allows our IT team to focus on ongoing support for users of IT systems.
You could say that, Cyber360 is part of our team.

Dyrektor Zarządzający Branża wydobywcza

Thanks to Cyber360, we are now in an infinitely better place.
We have a greater sense of security.
I can now rest easy knowing that Cyber360 employees are protecting our business.

Właściciel Firmy Firma handlująca wyrobami hutniczymi

If you are looking for a solution where someone will take care of you based on 24/7 model and provide you with a flexible, professional and proactive service then CyberDefender is for you, we have benefited and are satisfied.

Dyrektor Zarządzający Audyt i doradztwo finansowe

Cooperation with Cyber360 provided us with reliable information about our security and outlined clear improvements that we were able to implement.
The entire process has raised the bar on our cybersecurity. CyberDefender's proactive service has increased our sense of security.

Właściciel Firmy Produkcja żywności

Cyber360 staff is always on hand to provide quick and clear advice.
They help us constantly monitor our infrastructure and respond quickly to incidents to ensure the continuity of our IT systems.

Dyrektor Zarządzający Producent opakowań plastikowych

We now know that we are keeping an eye on our critical assets and that these events are being analyzed, assessed and qualified as justified and an immediate response is taken in the event of threats.
It's so significant difference like between night and day compare to where we were before purchasing CyberDefender.

Prezes Zarządu Producent oprogramowanie

CyberDefender's cost-effective service gives us confidence that we are doing everything we can, to protect our data, our business, our employees and contractors against cyber threats.

Dyrektor IT Handel i obsługa masowych klienta

Quick notification about incidents allows us to better understand what is happening in our network and respond faster.
When it comes to advices, it's great to be able to talk to experienced people and discuss solutions to help reduce security risks.

Kierownik działu IT Jednostka samorządu terytorialnego

If I needed comprehensive cyber threats protection in the future, CyberDefender MDR service of the Cyber360 company would be my first choice.

Dyrektor IT Agencja Rządowa

This is a mature partnership and I feel Cyber360 is part of my staff and we work together on the efforts related to our cybersecurity. There are few such services on the market. Full professionalism.

Szef IT Przemysł Stoczniowy

Since working with Cyber360, we have gained much greater insight into activities undertaken in the IT environment, which gives us greater knowledge of potential threats. We know that our customers' data is better protected today thanks to CyberDefender.

Właściciel firmy Usługi obsługi powierzchni biurowych.

We deal with special forwarding, for us the cybersecurity of our IT systems is a key issue. Thanks to the CyberDefender service, we now have a solution that gives us the ability to monitor, isolate and eliminate threats across our entire IT infrastructure.

Prezes Zarządu Międzynarodowa firma spedycyjna

I appreciate that Cyber360 aggregates information about cyberattacks it sees on other clients and retrospectively applies it to other organizations, so we all benefit from this knowledge.
By working with Cyber360, we have significantly improved our operational resilience.

Prezes Zarządu Obsługa biurowa sektora bankowego

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  • An award-winning platform, state-of-the-art threat analytics and experienced defenders work together
  • Around-the-clock security operations and expert remediation advices
  • Flexible coverage tailored to individual business needs
  • Simple pricing at a lower total cost than self-assembly and operation

We will not share your data with any third parties.

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    Is your company at risk of a cyber attack?

    • Can you immediately detect and effectively combat hacking attacks on your IT systems?

    • Do you regularly monitor your infrastructure for security, are your servers and end stations properly secured, and are you confident that an incident has not occurred?

    • Do you detect preparations for phishing attacks before they begin?

    • Do you have a contingency plan for attacks of any kind?

    • Can you estimate how much damage an undetected attack and data theft would do to your company?


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