Cybersecurity under control, be smart, be prepared.

Protect your
organization against


Effective tools and MDR service

MDR responds to current cybersecurity needs:

  • The service is tailored to your organization
  • 24/7 help is provided by experienced cybersec specialists
  • The services address the four areas of cybersecurity (detection, analysis, investigation, and response) required to manage the threat
  • A variety of tools and services are integrated to provide consistent and effective solutions to existing and evolving threats

CyberDefender service

Explore the service
CyberDefender 24/7

CyberDefender is an MDR service tailored to your needs and requirements, operating in a 24/7 model of managed detection and response to emerging cyber incidents.


  • Do you want to effectively protect your company and data against ransomware, malware, zero-day, phishing and other cyber-attacks?
  • Are you afraid of losing your company’s reputation?
  • Do you want to avoid losing trust and losing customers?
  • Are you afraid that someone will encrypt your data and demand a high ransom?
  • Have you been hacked and don’t know how to recover your data?



Cyber Security Training

Our cyber security training platform to prepare Customer teams for an attack. The only way to prepare cyber defenses is to simulate pre-emptive attacks in a real-world environment.

XDR Cynet360

XDR Cynet360 is an integrated platform for detecting and remediating threats within an organization. It provides environmental monitoring, visibility of files and users, network traffic, and end stations and links this information as part of the incident analysis process.

One system is an ideal solution for institutions with limited human resources.

The new dimension
of cyber security

Identify unwanted risk exposures and ensure protection from external threats. If risks are not managed, organizations can face regulatory penalties, loss of intellectual property rights, or reputational collapse.



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